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24 MNAs sponsor nine CANs during 14th session

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Published: October 2, 2014 03:40 pm

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ISLAMABAD: A total of 24 lawmakers sponsored nine calling attention notices (CANs) on various issues during the 14th session of National Assembly which consumed most of the time on political debate regarding sit-ins in Islamabad.

Analysis of the 14th Session of the National Assembly shows that a total nine CANs were brought on the floor of the House to draw the attention of the ministers towards public important issues. However, six CANs were taken up while three were not taken up.

According to the rules of procedure and conduct of business, a lawmaker may call the attention of a minister to any mater or urgent public importance and the minister may make a brief statement or ask for time to make statement at a later hour or date provided that no nor than one notice is to allowed a lawmaker per sitting.

The gender wise analysis shows that 15 female lawmakers and nine male legislators sponsored these CANs either solely or jointly. PML-N lawmakers sponsored five CANs followed by PPPP lawmakers (3) and one CAN by MQM female lawmaker.

During the 14th Session, the six CANs taken up on the floor were regarding payment of Benevolent Fund to government servants at the time of their retirement, the report of Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) about bottling of contaminated drinking water of 19 brands, imposition of massive sales tax on the import of solar panels, complete ban on the installation of commercial gas connections,  increase in paid political content/advertisements on different television channels and increasing trend of the use of narcotics in the youth in the country.

These CANs were addressed to seven ministries/departments which were Cabinet Secretariat, Science and Technology, Interior and Narcotics Control, Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatization, Petroleum and Natural Resources, Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage and National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination.

Three CANs not taken up on the floor were about shortage of funds to run the polio campaign, sufferings of the residents of various sectors of Islamabad due to non-availability of water and refusal of NADRA in Mandi Bahauddin to issue CNICs to applicants having “Khan” as their surname.

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