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Balcohistan lawmakers demand royalty payment

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Published: February 18, 2016 09:10 pm

Balochistan Assembly

ISLAMABAD: Lawmakers in Provincial Assembly of Balochistan have demanded royalty against the electricity of Balochistan being supplied to other provinces in order to meet their energy requirements.

To this effect, the House adopted a private resolution tabled by PkMAP lawmaker Agha Syed Liaqat Ali during the last sitting of 26th session. Through this resolution, the provincial government has been asked to contact with federal government and resolve the issue of paying royalty of the electricity supply from Uch and Hub power plants to other provinces as per Article 157 of theConstitution of Pakistan. Two members spoke on the resolution consuming eight minutes of the proceeding time.

Another resolution tabled by same PkMAP lawmaker was also adopted by the House It spurred the provincial government to contact the federal government for getting water share as per agreed quota. The mover of the resolution complained about giving less volume of water to Balochistan than allocated share under Water Apportionment Acord among provinces. The resolution also demanded to ensure the payment of more than Rs. 30 billion to the province under same issue and four lawmakers shared their views for 13 minutes on it.

In addition, the House also passed a joint resolution tabled by PkMAP lawmakers. The resolution urged the government to ensure payment of outstanding dues of natural resource companies including OGDCL and PPL who have been working in the province since 2009. Six members spoke on it for 39 minutes.

The House referred the Balochistan Public Service Commission (Amendment) Bill 2015 to Special Committee following concerns of some members on it. The report of the Standing Committee on same bill was also laid before the House.

The Minister for Home and Tribal Affairs Sarfaraz Bughti introduced the Balochistan Witness Protection Bill, 2015 which was referred to relevant standing committee for further deliberations.

The House took up four out of nine starred questions appearing on the agenda. Three questions were disposed of and the remaining two were deferred by the House. Additionally, Members spoke on 13 Points of Order consuming 21 minutes of the proceeding.

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