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Balochistan PA: Only 11 bills referred to committees in over three years

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Published: January 5, 2017 04:48 pm

ISLAMABAD: The 10th Provincial Assembly of Balochistan witnessed reference of only 11 legislative proposals to relevant standing committees for further deliberation on them during the last three and half years.

The 10th Provincial Assembly of Balochistan has passed 60 government bills during 35 sessions held between June 1, 2013 and November 12, 2016. Of these 60 legislative proposals endorsed by the House, only 11 proposals were forwarded to the relevant Standing Committees for deliberations. Four of these bills dealt with Governance issues, followed by Education and Human Rights (2 each) and one each on Health, Economy and Government Employees.

A total of 64 government bills were introduced during the reporting period, 60 among them were sailed through without any hurdles in the presence of five-party government alliance in the House.

The treasury and opposition lawmakers did not take interest in Private Members’ Bills as no such bill was introduced during the reporting period.

As many as 49 bills were passed without referring them to the relevant Standing Committees, which were related to Governance, Education, Economy, Parliamentary Affairs and Elections.

The committees took longer time to report on 11 legislative proposals referred to them by the House. On average, each committee took 165 days (23.5 weeks) to pass each government bill.

The previous (9th) Balochistan Assembly (2008-13), on the other hand, witnessed the passage of 39 bills while the incumbent Provincial Assembly has so far passed 36 (60%) new bills relating to various issues while the remaining 24 passed bills (40%) sought amendments to the existing laws.

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