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NA adopts 56% resolutions without any discussion

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Published: September 17, 2014 05:09 pm

national assembly 102ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly debated 25 out of 56 resolutions before adopting them during the first parliamentary year while the remaining 31 resolutions (56%) were adopted without any discussion on them.  

Of 110 resolutions on the Orders of the Day, the House adopted 56 resolutions while 54 were not taken up. Among the adopted resolutions, 34 were part of agenda and the remaining 22 were brought on the floor as supplementary agenda in light of national and international events. However, the House debated 25 of 56 resolutions (44%) before adopting them. The lawmakers spent 21 hours (6% of the total time) debating 25 resolutions on different issues most of them regarding governance and terrorism issues.

Forty legislators spent over four hours debating a resolution on the construction of Indian dams that may cause water shortage for the agriculture sector of Pakistan. The discussion followed traditional pattern of debate observed in any national level discourse on water with lawmakers voicing the need to build dams across the country and equitable water share among provinces.
Six PML-N members discussed a resolution regarding a ban on video-hosting website YouTube for an hour. The PML-N members reiterated that the ban was initiated by the previous government and the matter was in the court, while other parties stressed the need for lifting the ban after ensuring proper checks against objectionable material. The parliamentarians also spent six hours debating three different resolutions on indirect taxes, poverty and beggary in the federal capital.

In addition, the House also discussed six resolutions related to terrorism for three hours. These were related to the extension of the Anti-Terrorism Amendment Ordinance, the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance and attack on mausoleums. The members also discussed three different resolutions on local government elections while a resolution regarding unprovoked Indian shelling on the Line of Control remained under discussion for nearly two hours. The House also discussed two resolutions on drone attacks.

The remaining 10 adopted resolutions were regarding the use of force in Egypt, Kashmir Day, provision of interest-free loans to government employees, International Women Day, extension in Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, retrenchment of employees in any government department, establishment of university in Sialkot and withdrawal of subsidy on commodities in Gilgit-Baltistan.

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