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Misuse of POs continues in 16th session

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Published: December 29, 2014 05:36 pm

national assembly newISLAMABAD: Points of Order (POs) consumed 23% of the total time during the 16th National Assembly session which met for 22 hours and 42 minutes in nine sittings. This was 10% less than the time spent compared to the previous session when POs consumed 33% of the session.

A total of 110 POs were raised during the 16th National Assembly session, averaging out at 12 POs per sitting. In comparison, 139 POs were raised in the 15th session that also comprised nine sittings, giving an average of 15 POs per sitting.

The rules governing the House business allow a member to raise a PO to point out procedural violations or seek enforcement of certain rules to regulate business. The chair is required to give a ruling on these issues. However members often raise issues related to their constituencies and other matters through points of order instead.

It is important to note that only four of the 110 POs were pertaining to violations in the rules of House business while the rest were related to other subjects.

Some POs condemned the killing of JUI-F’s ex-Senator Khalid Mehmood Soomro in Sukkur last month, while others were raised to criticize House members or the performance of a specific committee. Fifteen POs were related to issues pertaining to law and order or human rights in the country, while 16 POs were related to increasing incidents of terrorism. The members also raised POs dealing with policies on agriculture, education, democracy, political development, finance and governance issues.

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