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No rule to question implementation of passed resolutions

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Published: November 21, 2014 06:42 pm

National assembly image-3ISLAMABAD: The 14th National Assembly has passed a significantly higher number of resolutions compared to the previous assembly. However, the implementation of issues taken up through resolutions remains an issue that requires the rules governing the assembly business to be amended.

The 14th National Assembly has passed 72 resolutions since its formation in 2013, compared to 85 passed by the previous assembly during its five-year term. Through resolutions, the House expresses its opinion, makes recommendations, and conveys a message on a definite and important issue.

However, the National Assembly rules do not have any provision to ensure implementation of passed resolutions. Even though the House can commend, urge or request action upon a situation under consideration by the government, there is no provision for any follow-up on actions taken by government officials on passed resolutions.

For instance, the House unanimously passed a resolution on lifting of the ban on YouTube during the second sitting of the 11th session. The State Minister for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Saira Afzal Tarar assured the House that the government would lift the ban as soon as possible.

However, there has been no action taken by the ministry despite a lapse of six months. On the other hand, the rules do not give any authority to the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Government Assurances to question government officials on implementation of their assurances.

Several other resolutions directing government officials to take action have also been passed by the House. These include resolutions related to issues of terrorism; establishment of universities, power outages, reforms in madrassa education and provision of free CNICs to citizens.

FAFEN’s observation shows that a total of 110 resolutions appeared on the agenda during the first parliamentary year of the incumbent assembly, of which 56 were adopted by the House while the remaining 54 were not taken up. Thirty-four adopted resolutions were part of the regular agenda, while the remaining were brought on the floor as supplementary agenda in light of national and international events as and when they occurred. In addition, another 16 resolutions were passed during the four sessions held during the ongoing parliamentary year.

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