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Parliamentary Terminology

Adjournment Motion

A motion to adjourn the business of the assembly for the purpose of discussing a definite matter of recent and urgent public importance.


In relation to a sitting, any person who is presiding at that sitting.

Calling Attention Notice

A notice by which a special question of public importance involving law and order may be raised.


The presiding officer at a meeting of the house.


A parliamentary committee constituted under rules of procedure, comprising various members of parliament.

Deputy Speaker

When the office of Speaker is vacant or Speaker is absent or is unable to perform his functions due to any cause, the Deputy Speaker acts as the Speaker of the House.

Leader of the Opposition

Leader of the Opposition means a member who, in the opinion of the Speaker, is the leader of the majority of opposition members for a certain time period.


The process of drafting a law.


A member of the assembly and for purposes of moving or opposing a bill, an amendment, a motion or a resolution, includes a minister.


May refer to the Prime Minister, a Federal Minister or a Parliamentary Secretary in respect to any function delegated or entrusted to him by a minister.


The party or parties which do not belong to the governing party.

Orders of the Day

‘Orders of the Day’ means the list of business to be brought before the assembly on any day.

Point of Order

It relates to the interpretation or enforcement of parliamentary rules of business or articles of the constitution that regulate the business of the assembly. The mover of a point of order raises a question which is within the cognizance of the chair.

Private Member’s Bill

A proposed law introduced by a private member.


The actions taken by the house or by a committee, the most important parts of the proceedings are the decisions that are taken.


Quorum is the minimum number of members of assembly necessary to conduct the business of the assembly. Under Article 55 of the Constitution 1/4th of the total membership of the assembly is required for quorum.

Question Hour

A time fixed under the rules for asking and answering questions.


A motion for the purpose of discussing and expressing an opinion on a matter of general public interest.

Starred Question

A question that requires an oral answer in addition to a written reply.

UnStarred Question

A question that only requires a written reply.


A meeting of the assembly on a day.


The table of the house.