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POs by JUI-F consumed 13% of overall time in Balochistan PA

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Published: October 30, 2015 06:00 pm

Balochistan Assembly

ISLAMABAD: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) raised 76 Points of Orders (POs) that consumed 3 hours 39 minutes (13%) of overall proceedings of the House during second parliament year of Balochistan Assembly.

Under non legislative business of the House from the total of 267 POs raised in six session of second parliamentary year 76 were raised by JUI-F and stays on the top among other political parties in raising Point of Orders in the House during the second parliamentary year.

The POs raised by JUI-F were related to the Business of House, Defense, Democracy and Political Development, Energy and Natural Resources, Finance and Economic Policy and Governance.

Elected on reserve women seats, two female members of JUI-F raised 27 POs while six male representatives of Fazul Rehman group raised 49 Points of Orders respectively. Members raised points of orders include Shahida Rauf, Husan Bano, Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran, Mufti Gulab Khan, Molana Abdul Wasay and Gul Muhammad Khan Dumar.

From the total of 76 POs, 25 were on business of house, 14 on democracy and political development, 11 on terrorism, seven on health, five on law and order, three on education, finance and economic policies and energy and natural resources two on governance and one each was regarding religious affairs, minorities, media, employment issues, disaster, development works, defense, culture, communication and agriculture are the issues raised through points of orders by the lawmakers of JUI-F.

According to the Rule 201 of Rules of Procedure of Provincial Assembly of Balochistan, a point of order is related to the interpretation or enforcement of assembly rules or such articles of the Constitution as regulate the business of the assembly. The Section (7) of Rules 201 states that a member shall not raise point of order to ask for information or to explain his positioner when a question of any motion is being put to the Assembly. Law also restricts any discussion on the decisions of point of orders.

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