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POs consume 4% time of 10th Punjab Assembly session

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Published: November 6, 2014 04:44 pm

Punjab Assembly 101
ISLAMABAD: The legislators in the Punjab Assembly were witnessed misusing points of order during the recently-concluded 10th session as they raised points of order on irrelevant issues including matters of personal nature.

An analysis of POs raised during the 10th session shows that 35 issues were raised through POs consuming an hours and 4 minutes (4% time of the proceedings) while the total session time was 17 hours and 33 minutes. Nineteen points of order were in line with the Rules of Business while the remaining were related to issues such as ministerial absence, blasphemy, issues regarding the collection of funds, irregularities, abduction of an MPA, strengthening of democracy, accountability, congratulating the government and lack of facilities.

A total 17 lawmakers raised 35 points of orders with an average of two per member. The PML-N members raised 24 POs followed by PML 6, PPPP 4 and JI 1. During the session, two POs were raised during the first sitting, eight in second, 15 in third, six in fourth and two each in fifth and sixth sittings.

According to the Rules of Business of the Punjab Assembly, a point of order (POs) can only be raised by a member to point out a violation of rules; however, 16 POs raised in the Punjab Assembly were related to matters other than rules of the business. The rules say a point of order shall relate to the interpretation or enforcement of the rules or such articles as regulate the business of the Assembly and shall raise a question which is within the cognizance of the Speaker. The rules say a member shall not raise a point of order to ask for information or to explain his/her position. To bring assembly business in line with the Rules of Procedures and Conduct of Business, the legislators can raise a point of order with the Chair’s permission; however, the lawmakers in the Punjab Assembly erroneously spoke on public issues.

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