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62% questions not taken up in 8 sessions

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Published: July 9, 2014 06:02 pm

Punjab Assembly

ISLAMABAD:  The Punjab Assembly did not take up a total of 763 questions despite being on the agenda during the first eight sessions of the house due to over ambitious orders of the day set for each sitting. A total of 62% questions could not be accommodated due to shortage of time.

A total of 1,226 questions were asked during the eight sessions from June 1, 2013, to May 28, 2014, of which, 463 were replied and 763 (62%) were not taken up. The lawmakers also asked 1,025 supplementary questions. A total of 801 questions were raised by 71 male while the remaining 425 by 28 female legislators.

Of the questions taken up, 406 were asked by 49 PML-N male members while 18 PML-N female lawmakers asked 249 questions, followed by 162 by 11 PTI members and 135 by six PTI female members. Similarly, 110 questions were asked by five PML lawmakers, three by as many PML female lawmakers, 74 by a JI member, 26 by an independent lawmaker, 23 by four PPPP lawmakers and 38 by a PPPP female lawmaker.

The questions were directed to 33 departments and most of 163 questions were addressed to Health Department, followed by Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering (87), School Education (85), Irrigation (72), Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife (48), Agriculture (47), Industries, Commerce and Investment (46), Prisons (44), Communications and Works (41), Livestock and Dairy Development Department and Social Welfare and Bait ul Maal (38 each), Auqaf and Religious Affairs and Environmental Protection (36 each), Higher Education, Home Ministry, Local Government and Community Development  (35 each), Excise and Taxation and Services and General Administration (33 each), Higher Education and Youth Affairs and Labour and Human Resource (31 each), Planning and Development (30), Revenue And Colonies Department (29), Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology and Tourism  Departments (28), Colonies (27), Cooperative Department (26), Zakat and Ushr (22), Information and Culture (14), Transport Department (12), Special Education (10), Food  and Population Welfare (5 each), Finance (3) and Energy (one).

A total of 1,025 supplementary questions were raised during eight sessions which were mostly asked by 61 PML-N lawmakers, followed by PTI (20 lawmakers), PML (five lawmakers), PPPP (four lawmakers), one JI and an independent candidate.

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