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Punjab Assembly: Only 27% questions taken up

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Published: December 24, 2014 06:45 pm

Punjab AssemblyISLAMABAD: Only 27% of the questions raised by lawmakers in the Punjab Assembly’s ongoing 11th session have been answered by the relevant government ministries and departments.

According to FAFEN’s observation of the assembly proceedings, the lawmakers raised a total of 310 (294 starred and 16 un-starred) questions addressed to various ministries and departments during the 11 sittings held so far. Of these 310 questions, only 84 (27%) were answered while the remaining 226 (73%) were withdrawn, deferred or left unaddressed.

A total of 35 questions addressed to the Ministry of Zakat and Ushr were raised during the first sitting on December 5, of which only 10 (29%) were responded.  Similarly, the lawmakers raised 19 questions addressed to the Ministry of Mines and Minerals and the Department of Energy during the second sitting on December 8. Of these 19 questions, only five (26%) were responded by the relevant authorities.

The third sitting on December 9 witnessed 35 questions on the agenda that were addressed to the Department of Health. Once again, only five (14%) questions were responded while the rest were withdrawn or not taken up. Another 38 questions addressed to the Home Department were raised in the fourth sitting on December 10, of which 12 (32%) were responded.

The MPAs submitted 14 questions to the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology and Tourism and 12 to the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources during the fifth sitting on December 11. Of the 26 questions raised during the sitting, 14 (54%) were taken up.

Moreover, as many as 37 questions regarding the Revenue Department were raised in the sixth sitting on December 12, of which only 11 (30%) were taken up during the sitting.

No questions were raised during the seventh sitting on December 16 that was adjourned shortly after commencement to mourn the terrorist attack at a school in Peshawar. Similarly, the eight sitting’s agenda was suspended to debate the tragedy.

A total of 35 questions addressed to the Schools Education Department were raised in the ninth sitting on Monday, of which 12 (34%) were answered. Another 35 questions dealing with the Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering appeared on the list of business during the 10th sitting on Tuesday, of which only five (14%) were taken up.

Furthermore, only 10 out of 34 questions concerning the Ministry of Agriculture were taken up during the 11th sitting on Wednesday.

Question Hour is an important part of executive oversight that allows parliamentarians to bring an issue of their constituents to the floor of the House and assess the performance of various government ministries/departments.

Rule 42 of the Punjab Assembly’s Rules of Procedure allocates the first hour of each sitting, after the recitation of the Holy Quran and swearing in of members for the Question Hour. Questions are categorized as starred and un-starred based on the requirement of verbal and written answers respectively.


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