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Punjab hardens slaughter law to curb haram-meat sale

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Published: April 19, 2016 04:00 pm

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ISLAMABAD: The Punjab Assembly whetted the animal slaughter control law last week to crackdown against sale of harmful meat in the province. The development came after reports of unsafe meat being sold in many cities across the Punjab. The Provincial Food Authority also raided a number of places in the provincial capital where haram animals were slaughtered and sold for human consumption.

The Assembly, in a move to upgrade 1963 law, approved twelve amendments to it. These amendments are aimed at raising the deterrence level of the law and improving its effectiveness by making it more practical. The sale of unapproved or haram meat, which was not an offence under the older version of the law, has been declared a crime punishable with imprisonment from four to eight years and fine from three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand rupees. Moreover, the contravention of any provision of the law was previously punishable with imprisonment up to three months and a fine up to three hundred rupees only. However, under the amended version of the law, the offenders can be sentenced to imprisonment from fifteen days to six months and fine from twenty five thousand to five hundred thousand rupees.

Moreover, the sale of animal hides and skins without maintaining its proper record has also been declared an offence under the law and such a person can be booked for sale of haram meat as well. The offences under the law have been made non-bailable and would be tried summarily from now onwards. The law further states that the unwholesome meat forfeited under this act shall be disposed of and any animals taken in the custody shall be auctioned.

In order to encourage citizens to report any dubious meat sale to authorities, the reward money has also been increased. The court may direct to award seventy five percent of the amount recovered as fine to the informers.

The law also provides for monitoring and evaluation of the departments concerned with slaughter and sale of meat. According to the new clauses inserted in the law, the provincial government shall, at least once in a year, conduct the performance audit of the persons and authorities performing functions under the Act to assess and evaluate their performance. Based on the evaluation, the government shall provide directions to the concerned officials in regards of their duties.

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