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Punjab PA website reveals performance of House

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Published: June 6, 2014 09:04 pm

ISLAMABAD: The performance of the 16th Punjab Assembly during the first parliamentary year shows that the lawmakers took keen interest in the legislative process and passed 84% of the bills, 11% resolutions, responded to 11% CANS and replied to 43% starred questions.

The Punjab Assembly website is the only one among all the six legislatures’ websites that provide a detailed report on the performance of the first parliamentary year (June 2013 to May 2014) of the provincial assembly.

According to details, the first parliamentary year had eight sessions spreading over a period of 100 days while the actual sittings are 70. The website reveals that the provincial government introduced 37 bills, of which 31(84%) were passed, three remained under consideration of the committee while three were withdrawn or merged. On the other hand, Private members wanted to introduce thirteen bills, however, they could only introduce one bill which was sent to the relevant committee. Meanwhile, no private member bill was passed during the first parliamentary year.

During this period, the Punjab Assembly also witnessed introduction of 1,743 notices of the adjournment motions, of which 400 (23%) were admitted, 1,343 disallowed, 186 disposed of and 214 remained pending.

The website further states that 582 notices of resolutions were received, of which only 159 (27%) were admitted, 423 disallowed, 48 (11%) passed, while 111 were disposed of or lapsed. As far as the starred questions were concerned, 4,662 notices were received, of which 2,757(59%) were admitted, 334 disallowed, 1,571 (57%) are under process, while 1,210 (43%) questions were answered.Out of total 62 un-starred questions, 60 were admitted, two were disallowed and none un-starred question was answered.

During the first parliamentary year, lawmakers drew attention of the House towards diverse public importance issues and submitted 686 Calling Attention Notices (CANs), of which 479 (70%) were admitted, 207 disallowed and only 52(11%) were answered.

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