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Requisitioned session of Senate spends 80% time on debates

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Published: February 16, 2016 05:15 pm


ISLAMABAD: The Upper House of Parliament consumed 80 per cent time of its 124th session on debates about crisis in Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and economic policy of the government following motions under Rule 218.

The House debated these motions for 445 minutes of the total sittings’ time of 557 minutes.  All three sittings were held on time while on average, each sitting lasted three hour and 12 minutes. The break consumed 19 minutes of the session.

Sponsored by the Opposition Leader Aitzar Ahsan, the House discussed a motion under Rule 218 regarding crisis in PIA. Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani and 28 other lawmakers – PPPP (7), PML-N (7), MQM (5), PTI, PKMAP and PML (2 each) and JUI-F, BNP-A, ANP (one each) – spoke on it for 218 minutes.

Jointly sponsored by 33 lawmakers of Opposition parties including PPPP,PML, BNP-A and PTI and also an Independent lawmaker, two various motions under Rule 218 were clubbed. The first motion was about non-transferring the benefits to masses after reduction in petroleum prices in International Markets while other was about burden on gas consumers.  One of the sponsor of these clubbed motions Islam Uddin Sheikh (PPPP) did not attend any sitting while thirty lawmakers – PPPP (8), PML-N (7), MQM (4), PTI (3),  JUI-F, JI, PML, PkMAP, NP, BNP-M, ANP  (one each) and an Independent lawmaker  – spoke on them for 227 minutes.

The opposition members, who had requisitioned the 124th session criticized the government for mishandling PIA issue, non-transferring the benefits to masses after reduction in petroleum prices in International Markets and imposing new tax of total Rs. 101 billion on gas consumers including Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC).  On the other hand, the treasury lawmakers defended the economic policy of the government

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