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Senate debates six motions during 121st session

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Published: December 10, 2015 02:22 pm


ISLAMABAD: The Upper House of Parliament debated six motions under Rule 218 during 121st session which were mainly about issues of governance, energy, law and order and foreign affairs.

Out of nine Motions under Rule 218 on the agenda, two motions each sponsored by three major political parties– PML-N, PTI and PPPP– in the House were given equal chance for discussion.

According to Rules, any Minister or a member may give notice of a motion under Rule 218 that any policy, situation, statement or any other matter may be taken into consideration. The Senate proceeds to discuss the motion after the mover has concluded his/her speech and no question is put on the conclusion of the debate unless the Chairman allows it.

A motion about controlling poverty was deferred on the request of the mover. Two separate motions regarding schedule of electricity load shedding and criteria to determine electricity prices were dropped due to absence of a mover.

Moved by a PML-N lawmaker, the House discussed a motion under Rule 218 about increase in population. Eight lawmakers – PML-N (4), PTI (2) and one each of JUI-F,& ANP – participated in debate for 46 minutes. The lawmakers highlighted the issues due to increasing population growth rate and demanded for census in the country to know exact population and development pace of the country. However, a JUI-F lawmaker opposed family planning and demanded to introduce a decent system for our new generation with unity.

Another motion under Rule 218 was also discussed for 73 minutes in the same sitting which was about fixation of high electricity tariffs on account of under declared efficiency of plants run on furnace oil, operated by the IPPs and government sector and the need of a fresh efficiency audit of those plants. Eleven lawmakers – (PTI (3), PPPP & PML-N, ANP (2 each) and one each of MQM and PkMAP – spoke on it.

Five lawmakers including three of PML-N and one each of MQM and NP took part in debate on a motion under Rule 218 regarding construction of a ring road in Islamabad / Rawalpindi. This motion was moved by a PML-N lawmaker who demanded to start work on this project at earliest as planning and designing work has been completed on it. Other lawmakers also supported this motion and it was agreed to forward their recommendations to Prime Minster for special attention on them.

Eighteen lawmakers – PML-N (5), PPPP & MQM (3), PTI (2), and one each of PML, PkMAP, ANP, NP and BNP-M – debated a motion about performance of PIA for 81 minutes. The mover belonging to PPPP said that PIA should take advantage of huge expatriate Pakistanin residing in various countries and also from recent huge saving from fuel. He termed the salaries of PIA staff below the international practice which says that it should not exceed 25 per cent of the revenue. Other lawmakers suggested to open services of PIA engineering department for other countries to earn profit, upgrading its fleet and to constitute a committee comprising parliamentarians for suggesting better options for survival of PIA.

Moved by PTI female lawmaker, another motion to curb crime in Islamabad was discussed for 25 minutes which was participated by six lawmakers including two each of PML-N & MQM and one each of PTI and PPPP. The Senators highlighted various issues including reluctance of police in registering First Information Reports to show low statistics, weaknesses in criminal justice system, political appointments.

Seventeen lawmakers discussed a motion regarding confession of Indian Prime Minister in Bangladesh about his country role in breaking Pakistan. Seventeen lawmakers – PML-N (8), PPPP, MQM and PML (2 each) and one each of NP, ANP and PTI – spoke on it for 59 minutes. The confession statement of Indian Prime Minister was also read by the PPPP lawmaker who moved this motion and he along with other senators demanded to government to   take   cognizance   of   this   statement     and   expose   it internationally as a threat to regional peace and security. It was also demanded to highlight Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir, deaths of innocent people due to Indian firing at Line of Control and preserve unity as a nation to foil nefarious designs of enemy.

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