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Sindh Assembly adopts 12 resolutions on multiple issues

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Published: February 8, 2017 07:17 pm

Sindh Assembly adopts 12 resolutions on multiple issues

ISLAMABAD: The Sindh Assembly adopted 12 resolutions on various issues in as many sittings of its 29th session that started on January 18 and prorogued on February 2, 2017.

The lawmakers belonging to MQM tabled five resolutions individually, followed by PML-N and PTI (two each), PPPP and PML-F (one each) while one resolution was jointly tabled by a PML-F and PPPP lawmaker.

These resolutions were related to launch awareness campaign for registration of women in the forthcoming census; pay homage to GM Syed and Fazil Rahu for their political struggle; control illegal manufacture, sale, purchase and smuggling of weapons; issuance of official order for immediate installation of fare meters in rickshaws and taxis in the province; take strict action against child begging and child labour; stop sea intrusion along the coastline of Sindh; make Polio Vaccination Card mandatory for admissions in primary and secondary schools; launch awareness campaigns to fight Dengue fever; approach Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for selection of cricketers on merit; initiate Model Projects of Solar Energy to deal with electricity load-shedding; devise policies on youth education and contact Federal government for provision of 80 percent subsidy on electricity bills for farmers using tube wells.

Meanwhile, 31 out of 40 Call Attention Notices (CANs) appearing on the list of business were taken up and responded to by the government representatives during the session. Fifteen CANs were related to the subject of Local Government, followed by Home Department (5), Education Department (3), Transport and Health Departments (two each), and one each to  Works & Services, Excise and Taxation, Supply and Prices and Prisons departments. The remaining nine CANs were not taken up due to the absence of movers or the relevant ministers.

The lawmakers also raised 86 Starred Questions seeking responses from various government departments of which 58 were taken up and responded to by the relevant ministers while the remaining 28 questions remained unaddressed. In addition, lawmakers asked 268 supplementary questions, as well.

Moreover, five reports including three audit reports, a monitoring report on the implementation of National Finance Commission (NFC) Award and a report of the standing committee on the Sindh Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill, 2015 were also presented during the session.

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