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Sindh Assembly:  Low interest of lawmakers persists during 28th session

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Published: December 5, 2016 05:11 pm

Sindh Assembly - Parliament Files

ISLAMABAD: The low interest of lawmaker was witnessed in proceedings and parliamentary business during recently prorogued 28th session of the Sindh Assembly as on average only 23 percent (40) lawmakers were observed to be present at outset and 32 percent  (55) at adjournment of each sitting.

The 28th session of Sindh Assembly – comprising nine-sittings – was summoned on November 14 and prorogued on November 28, 2016. The session was marked by low attendance as well as little interest of lawmakers in the proceedings. Each sitting, on average started 55 minutes late and lasted two hours and 20 minutes.

The Leader of the House (Chief Minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah) attended five sittings and remained present in the House for three hours and 23 minutes (16% of the session time) while the Leader of the Opposition, Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan attended seven sittings and remained present for seven hours and 28 minutes, consuming 36 percent of the proceedings.

The Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani attended the entire sittings and presided over the proceedings for 14 hours and nine minutes (67%) while the Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza attended eight sittings and chaired the proceedings for five hours and 54 minutes (29%). The remaining (three percent) proceedings were chaired by a member of Panel of Chairpersons while one percent time was consumed by breaks taken by the House during the session.

The Parliamentary Leader of PTI attended all nine sittings while the leaders of PML-F attended eight sittings. The leader of PML-N remained absent throughout the session. Lawmakers raised 21 Points of Order (POs) during five out of nine sittings which consumed an hour and six minutes of the session time. The highest numbers of POs (7) were raised during the first sitting consuming 20 minutes, while two POs consumed four minutes of the proceedings time during eighth sitting. In addition, two Matters of Public Importance on issues regarding shortage of water supply in the various districts of province were raised during the third and sixth sittings, respectively.

Four incidents of protest and a walkout by lawmakers were observed during the session which consumed 21 minutes of the proceedings. All incidents except one protest were against the attitude of the Chair for not allowing the members to speak on various parliamentary interventions.

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