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Sindh Assembly passes maximum bills in 2nd parliamentary year

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Published: December 2, 2015 04:57 pm


Provincial assemblies collage

ISLAMABAD: The Sind Assembly performed better during the second parliamentary year as compared to three other assemblies of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Balochistan and passed maximum number of bills than other legislatures.

A comparative research about legislation made during the 2nd parliamentary year depicts that Sindh Assembly led in this process and passed a total of 50 bills– 46 Government and four Private Bills followed by KP Assembly with 44 government bills, Punjab Assembly 37 government Bills and Balcohistan Assembly with 17 government Bills.

The Punjab Assembly passed 37 Government Bills during the second Parliamentary year. Of these bills, 20 bills were introduced in the House seeking amendment in the existing laws and all of them were passed. Other seventeen bills passed by the House were about new legislation on range of issues which the House deemed necessary to incorporate in the existing law.

A total of 10 bills- one Private and nine Government Bills- were introduced in the Punjab Assembly during the said period. Of these bills, the only Private Bill and four Government Bills were introduced seeking amendment in the existing legislation while other bills had the purpose of new legislation. The House also witnessed the presentation of four ordinances of which three recommended amendments in the existing law.

Sindh Assembly passed 46 Government Bills of which 20 were amendment bills. A total of four Private Bills were also passed by the House while twelve bills – Government (7) and Private (5) – were also introduced. Of the Government Bills introduced in the House, one out of seven was amendment bill while four out of five introduced Private Bills were amendment bills.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly passed 44 government bills during the period and also witnessed introduction of two government and one private bills. Of these passed bills, thirty-seven were self-contained bills while seven were converted from Ordinances.

The Balochistan Assembly witnessed passage of 17 bills during the second Parliamentary year and introduction of three bills during the same period. Out of the 17 Passed bills, 11 were about seeking amendment in the existing laws while six others were about new legislation.

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