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Sindh PA adopts 74 resolutions in 2nd parliamentary year

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Published: October 26, 2015 03:43 pm

Sindh Assembly - Parliament Files

ISLAMABAD: The Sindh Assembly adopted 74 resolutions during the second parliamentary and did not take up fifteen resolutions appearing on the list of the business.

The second parliamentary year of the incumbent Sindh Assembly comprised of seven sessions (13th to 19th). Out of 74 resolutions adopted during this period, 31 were sponsored by male lawmakers, 31 jointly tabled by lawmakers of various political parties and 12 by female lawmakers.

According to Rule 123, a member or a Minister may move a resolution, through the resolution, the House expresses its opinion, makes recommendations and conveys a message on a matter which concerns the government or a definite and important issue. Resolutions may be moved by ministers or private members.

Fifteen resolutions, according to FAFEN’s data, were not taken up by the House which appeared on the list of the business. Out of these resolutions, nine were sponsored by male lawmakers and six by female lawmakers.

Among six political parties in the Sindh Assembly, PPPP legislators led in raising the resolutions as 80 members– 63 male and 17 female– sponsored various resolutions followed by 32 MQM members (24 male and eight female), 11 PML-F (nine male and two female), six PML-N (five male and one female), three PTI and one lawmaker from NPP.

Twenty-one resolutions were raised by PPPP lawmaker in individual capacity of which 12 were raised by its female lawmakers and nine by male lawmakers. MQM male lawmakers raised 17 resolutions in individual capacity and three by female lawmakers individually.

Eleven resolutions were raised by PML-F male lawmakers individually and two by female lawmakers. Similarly, a PML-N female lawmaker raised one resolution individually.

Nine resolutions were such which were jointly sponsored by only PPPP lawmakers followed by MQM lawmakers (two) and one by PML-F lawmaker.

In addition, twenty-two (22) resolutions were jointly raised by lawmakers of various political parties in Sindh Assembly.

As per details, the House witnessed passage of four resolutions during the 13th session, three resolutions during the 14th session, 17 resolutions during the 15th session, nine resolutions during the 17th session, 22 resolutions during the 18th session and 19 resolutions during the 19th session.

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