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Sindh, Punjab assemblies continue debate on budgets

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Published: June 18, 2015 06:01 pm

Sindh Assembly - Parliament Files

ISLAMABAD: The Provincial Assemblies of Punjab and Sindh continued discussion on their respective Provincial Budgets 2015-16 on Thursday.

In Punjab Assembly, thirty-nine lawmakers spoke on the budget for 91% of the proceedings’ time. The House continued to witness low attendance of lawmakers with only 13 members (4%) present at the start and 12 (3%) at the time of adjournment. The Chief Minister and the Opposition Leader did not attend the proceedings.

Thirty-nine lawmakers – 33 PML-N, four PTI, one PML and an Independent lawmaker – shared their views in 262 minutes.

An Independent lawmaker Ahsan Riaz Fatyana pointed out the quorum at 1257 hours, following which the Chair directed the bells to be rung for five minutes. However, the quorum was found to be complete upon counting.

The Punjab Finance Minister attended the sitting for 275 minutes (99%) of the proceedings’ time. None of the parliamentary leader was present while three minority members attended the proceedings. Only one point of order was raised during the sitting that consume 30 seconds of the sitting.

Likewise, the Sindh Assembly continued debate on the Provincial Budget 2015-16 as fifteen lawmakers spoke on it for 82% of the proceedings’ time. The sitting started 62 minutes behind the schedule with 20 members (12%) present at the start and 52 (31%) at the time of adjournment. The Chief Minister and the Opposition Leader attended the sitting.

Fifteen lawmakers – six belonging to MQM, five PPPP, three PML-F and one PML-N – expressed their views about provincial budget that took up 179 minutes.

Five points of order consumed six minutes of the sitting. MQM lawmakers walked out of the House for 14 minutes when the Chair did not allow them to table a resolution against the remarks of Federal Minister for Defence during his speech in the National Assembly. Earlier, the MQM legislators protested within the House for one minute on the same issue. Both Houses will now meet tomorrow (Friday).

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