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The Parliament of Algeria

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Published: January 16, 2015 06:43 pm

Parliament of AlgeriaThe Parliament of Algeria consists of two chambers – the Council of the Nation (Upper Chamber) and the People’s National Assembly (Lower Chamber).

The Council of the Nation, commonly known as al-Majlis al-Umma, comprises 144 members – two-third of whom are elected indirectly while the remaining one-third members are appointed by the President.

The People’s National Assembly (al-Majlis al-Sha’abi al-Watani comprises 462 members directly elected by the population.

Algeria has a long history of revolution and regime change, making the political climate dynamic and often in a state of transformation. The country is currently a constitutional republic with a democratically elected government, though the military, in practice, remain major power brokers along with “a select group” of unelected civilians.

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