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The Parliament of Paraguay

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Published: January 28, 2015 04:50 pm

The Parliament of ParaguayThe Parliament of Paraguay Politics of Paraguay takes place in a framework of a presidential representative democratic republic (whereby the President of Paraguay is both head of state and head of government) and of a multi-party system.

The National Constitution mandates a separation of powers in three branches. Executive power is exercised solely by the President. Legislative power is vested in the two chambers of the National Congress. The Judiciary power is vested on Tribunals and Courts of Civil Law and a nine-member Supreme Court of Justice, all of them independent of the executive and the legislature.

The National Congress has two chambers. The Chamber of Deputies has 80 members, elected for a five-year term by proportional representation. The Chamber of Senators has 45 members, elected for a five-year term by proportional representation. It serves as the legislative branch of the Paraguayan state. Both chambers of Congress are elected concurrently with the president by means of a proportional representation system. Deputies are elected by department and Senators on a nationwide basis.

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